Journal’s strategy

The journal’s strategy is to cover subjects that are topical for contemporary musicology and to provide an opportunity for their rigorous analysis. This can be done through developing three main areas:


First, providing the possibility for an in-depth and multifaceted discussion of a particular subject in a number of papers published in different issues. Each year will be dedicated to two main topics that will accentuate different nuances in their interpretation. This will also make the functioning of the journal similar to a collection of scholarly articles, an extremely effective format for providing a complex vision of a certain academic problem.

Second, finding current topics in Russian and foreign musicology. The theoretical approaches, terminologies, and methods of various national schools have particular features determined by their sources, traditions, and degree of academic knowledge. One of the most important tasks of musicology is to find a common language for these schools in order to nurture dialog and cross-fertilization of topics and scholarly works. Accordingly, Contemporary Musicology will publish papers not only in Russian, but also in English, as well as translations into Russian of new and classical works by foreign authors with necessary critical annotations.

Third, being open to different scholarship and academic views by engaging authors and reviewers from different Russian cities and from abroad, and through the objective review and evaluation of works whose main criteria are innovation and academic value.