No 3 (2022)

Contemporary Musicology

Dear Friends,

Contemporary Musicology continues the tradition of celebrating the anniversaries of professors of the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music. We celebrate the efforts of those who made a substantive contribution in the development of musicology and music education in Russia and beyond. This issue is dedicated to Prof. Avgusta V. Malinkovskaya, Doctor of Sciences in Education Studies, an outstanding educator and scholar, a well-rounded
professional, a deep thinker and a shrewd judge of character.

As a student of Elena F. Gnesina, Malinkovskaya embraced the best of her brilliant performance technique and her approaches to creativity and teaching. During her doctoral studies, Malinkovskaya adopted the ideas of Prof. Alexander D. Alekseev, her research advisor, and explored the works by Boris V. Asafiev. Both scholars contributed to her development as a prominent researcher. Today, Prof. Malinkovskaya is actively engaged in
teaching and research. She has published numerous academic and scholarly works. Key among them is her monograph Bartok’s Microcosmos published in 2010 and the 2019 publication The Art of Piano Intoning. Her writings, research and teaching ensure that students also embrace the long-standing traditions of excellence in all the aspects of music education and performance.

The third issue of Contemporary Musicology features an interview with Prof. Avgusta V. Malinkovskaya and a republication of her earlier paper—the memories about Elena F. Gnesina. The issue also includes materials submitted by her followers—students and colleagues who share her research interests.

                                                              Irina P. Susidko

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Table of Contents

Interview. History and Theory of Music Pedagogy

Augusta V. Malinkovskaya, Margarita A. Bukrinskaya

Scientific Schools in Music Studies

Dmitry V. Belyak

History and Theory of Music Pedagogy

Tatyana N. Kazanskaya

History of Musical Performance

Polina B. Podmazova

Classics of the 20th Century

Olga V. Sobakina