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No 2 (2023): Contemporary Musicology Ballet in the Theaters of the Radziwill Princes in the 18th Century Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Anastasia Yu. Patoshina
No 4 (2020): Contemporary Musicology Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: Russian Translations of Text Additions Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Anna V. Bulycheva
No 1 (2020): Contemporary Musicology Beethoven’s variations on paisiello’s duet. Paisiello indeed? Looks like Beethoven did not realise what he was actually writing Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Alexander E. Maykapar
No 2 (2023): Contemporary Musicology Can Journalism Be Danced? From the History of 19th Century British Ballet Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yulia I. Agisheva
No 3 (2018): Contemporary Musicology Characteristics of Genre in the «Russian Operas» by Martin-I-Soler Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Irina A. Kryazheva
No 3 (2017): Contemporary Musicology Chorale arrangement: Historical Retrospective of Method and Genre Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Elena V. Sidorova
No 4 (2021): Contemporary Musicology Chronotopic Metamorphoses in Béla Bartók’s Minor Seconds, Major Sevenths Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Olga A. Astakhova
No 4 (2023): Contemporary Musicology City Noir by John Adams: a Way to Interpretation Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Tatiana V. Tsaregradskaya
No 2 (2021): Contemporary Musicology Counterpoint Battles in the 18th Century Naples: an Attempt of Historical Reconstruction. Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Anastasia I. Maslova
No 2 (2020): Contemporary Musicology Critical / convulsive — the Music of Roger Redgate / Translation from English, foreword and notes by A.A. Gundorina Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Richard Barrett
No 4 (2017): Contemporary Musicology "Disappointed Forest" and its predecessors: some observations on the history of ballet parody in Russia in the second half of the nineteenth and early XX-th centuries Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Natela I. Enukidze
No 2 (2023): Contemporary Musicology E.K. Malinovskaya and Ballet Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Petr N. Gordeev
No 4 (2020): Contemporary Musicology Embraced by Music of Love: in Memoriam of J. B. Viotti Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Polina B. Podmazova
No 4 (2020): Contemporary Musicology F. J. Fetis and His Role in the Development of French Organ Playing School in the Second Half of the 19th Century Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Elena A. Strizhakova
No 3 (2019): Contemporary Musicology Foxtrot for orchestra «St. Thomas wake» by P.M. Davies: a prayer or a burlesque? Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Yulia I. Agisheva
No 1 (2023): Contemporary Musicology French Musicians of the 18th Century on the Interpretation of Compositions by Jean-Baptiste Lully Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Alexei A. Panov, Ivan V. Rosanoff
No 3 (2018): Contemporary Musicology From the «Soyuz Zodchih» of 1917 to the Union of Soviet architects Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yulia D. Starostenko
No 1 (2022): Contemporary Musicology Fugue for 13 Solo Strings by Witold Lutoslawski: Between the Author’s Commentary and Musicological Reflection Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Irina V. Koposova
No 1 (2021): Contemporary Musicology Fugues for chorus and soloist ensemble in Joseph Haydn's late masses Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Larisa L. Gerver
No 1 (2023): Contemporary Musicology Greece and France: Concerning the Question of Georges Aperghis’ National Identity Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Tatyana O. Yakovleva
No 2 (2022): Contemporary Musicology Gregorian Chant in Organ Sonatas by J.-N. Lemmens Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Elena A. Agapova-Strizhakova
No 1 (2018): Современные проблемы музыкознания Handel’s Alcina libretto: lexic, structure and stage potential Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Tatiana M. Belova
No 1 (2021): Contemporary Musicology Hans Rott: Gustav Mahler's contemporary Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Natalia I. Degtyareva
No 2 (2021): Contemporary Musicology Haydn, Mozart and Pleyel: Rivalry And Interinfluences Abstract   PDF (Русский)   Abstract (Русский)
Dana A. Nagina
No 2 (2018): Contemporary Musicology Images of musical theater in english painting of the XVIII century Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yulia I. Agisheva
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